SWC #56: January 5-7, 2024



BE Prepared...to Play

Every year, the SWC staff designs 5 new games for the event. These games are designed to reinforce scouting skills, challenge participants, include the whole patrol, and (most importably) be FUN. We encourage participants to take these games back to their Units and let their Scouts enjoy something new and engaging!

  • Patrols should bring at least 6 members to compete in the games.
  • The games will test or teach scouting skills and teamwork on a variety of difficulty levels
  • The Staff designs each game to be feasible to take back to your pack/troop/crew
  • The five games are completed in rotation. Stay with your rotation schedule!

Do we compete?

In each game, you will compete as a Patrol. Games are designed for at least six people to complete. If your patrol has less than 6 people, please let Staff now so we can help complete your team.

At the end of the day, the scores for all Patrols are calculated and a First, Second, and Third place bead is awarded for each game.

How are games scored?

Each game will have different criteria for scoring, which will be explained on their instruction sheet (on-site).

The Campwide Game

Prepare for an epic, all-patrols-at-once Campwide Game! This top-secret event is played on Saturday afternoon. Each patrol brings their A-game and completes to win this highly creative challenge.

Beads are awarded for the Campwide Game.


For use with your Scouting unit

Need Instructions

  • 2012 Don’t Blow It Ping Pong Ball Game
  • 2012 Under Lock and Key
  • 2011 Cat-a-Pult
  • 2011 Eggs Over Easy
  • 2011 Firefighters Relay
  • 2011 Great Balls Of Fire
  • 2011 Hall Of Knowledge
  • 2010 Bee Prepared
  • 2010 Pioneer Paintball
  • 2010 Signalul8r
  • 2010 Shocker Popper
  • Build for the Sky
  • Camp Disaster First Aid Relay
  • Climbing Spirit
  • Duct Tape Regatta
  • Fire Hawk
  • Fire in the Sky
  • Flying Feathers
  • Get’er Done
  • Last Train to Quill Greek
  • Loco Motion
  • Noodle Ball Game
  • Pancake Flip
  • Portals of Time
  • Pyramid Toss
  • Raise the Roof
  • Sack Race Relay
  • Save the Earth, Green Golf
  • Shocker Popper
  • Shuttle Launch
  • Star Search
  • Tent-line Tying Relay
  • The Indian War Whoop
  • Think Outside the Blocks
  • Train Wreck at Woodruff Pass