The EPIC Tale of Scouting

SWC #55

Jan 6-8, 2023

What is SWC?

Experience a Campout from the Scout's Perspective

Scouter’s Winter Campout is an annual event exclusively for Scout leaders. This unique training event gives leaders the opportunity to experience a campout from the Scout’s perspective.

Patrols from across the southeast compete in an epic (yet friendly) battle for Honor Patrol. Register your patrol, and get ready for the best weekend of the year!

SWC is hosted by the Foothills and Silver Comet districts in the Atlanta Area Council.


The Beads and Claws

What do they mean?

SWC has developed many unique traditions over the last 55 years. Most noticeable are the signature SWC claw necklaces.

Each year, attendants add one claw to their necklace (and beads if you participate in many of the activities).

The beads, however, are are awarded for achievements, participation in SWC events, games, and leadership roles. Each bead color represents a specific achievement. Beads are placed on the iconic SWC Claw Necklace and worn at any scouting event.

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