Scouting is fun and the games we play teach skills. Below are many of the games we have played at SWC that teach Scout Skills and have delighted us as we earn beads and make new friends. Use these games on your next camp out and let the Scouts have FUN too!

2019 AT-AT Game
2019 Lift-Off Mission
2019 Save our Moon Men
2019 Save The Planet
2019 Space Knots Game
2018 Compass Game
2018 Delivering the Gold Game Doug Polley
2018 Gold Flake Patrol Leader Instructions
2018 Gold Nuggets Andy Shillinglaw
2018 Mining Gold Nuggets of Scouting Knowledge – Jeopardy – Instructions Don Dodge
2018 SWC-2018-Flagpole Game V2
2012 Don’t Blow It Ping Pong Ball Game
2012 Under Lock and Key
2011 Cat-a-Pult
2011 Eggs Over Easy
2011 Firefighters Relay
2011 Great Balls Of Fire
2011 Hall Of Knowledge
2010 Bee Prepared
2010 Knot Game
2010 Pioneer Paintball
2010 Signalul8r
2010 Shocker Popper
Bog Rescue
Build for the Sky
Camp Disaster First Aid Relay
Climbing Spirit
Duct Tape Regatta
Fire Hawk
Fire in the Sky
Flying Feathers
Get’er Done
Last Train to Quill Greek
Lewis & Clark
Loco Motion
Noodle Ball Game
Pancake Flip
Portals of Time
Pyramid Toss
Raise the Roof
River Crossing
River Rescue
Sack Race Relay
Save the Earth, Green Golf
Shocker Popper
Shuttle Launch
Star Search
Tent-line Tying Relay
The Indian War Whoop
Think Outside the Blocks
Train Wreck at Woodruff Pass
Way of The Scout Instructions
Wigwam Warm up
Wilderness Rescue