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Streamlining Registration:

IMPORTANT!! We will have you scan a QR code at the main gate and list all the people in the car/truck, what patrol you are in, and what pack/troop/crew. You can drive to your campsite and drop off your stuff.

Patrol Leaders need to visit either the Nunn Building or Main Pavilion to pick up your patrol’s Packet.

Medical Forms (Required)

Please bring 2 (TWO) copies of completed forms + 2 (TWO) front/back copies of health insurance cards for EACH participant. This is required by BSA.

You will have your Patrol Leader hold a copy of your Health Form. Staff Health & Safety will not collect a copy.

For Emphasis: Each participant must have 2 copies of both sides of the insurance card stapled to the Medical Form.

One per participant: signed COVID Statement and Acknowledgement

SWC Camp Map

DOWNLOAD SWC CAMP MAP For reference only.