SWC #57: January 10-12, 2025 | Back to the Basics: The Spirit of Scouting

How to Register for SWC

Form a Patrol

Patrol of 6-10 people

Pick a PATROL Name

(your patrol's theme)

Select a PATROL Leader

Register online

Patrol Leader registers the patrol (registration opens September 1st)


Patrol Leader collects health forms and insurance card copies for each participant.
(2 copies pp)

Be Prepared

Join the Participant Remind Group (click here)

Make Totems

Plan on at least one per patrol + judging + staff + lots of extras.

Make a Patrol Flag

Camp opens on Friday. Games begin Saturday morning.

Campsite Map

Click to view the Woodruff campsite map to select your campsite location preferences during registration. Pay attention to which sites have power for medical equipment as needed.

Health Forms

You will NOT be turning in a copy to the Health Officer. Your Patrol Leader will have them on hand.

Forms & Campsites

Frequently Asked Questions

Patrol Leader’s name, email address, phone numbers

Unit Type and Unit number (Troop 1234, Pack 567, Crew 890, etc.)

Patrol Name- put “TBD” if not determined yet

Campsite Choice: Pick your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd campsite choices at Woodruff Scout Reservation. Enter only the campsite number, not the letter. (If you want a specific site letter, please put it in the comments and we will try to accommodate your request.) See campsites page for a list of available sites. All campsites are assigned on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Exceptions: Campsite 6A & 6H are reserved for our Silver Claws, 2023 Honor and Spirit Patrols get priority campsite selection.

Use the comments area to provide special information the registrar may need such as the name(s) of other patrols you would like to camp with, the medical needs of your patrol members, etc. We will try to accommodate requests but not guaranteed.

Through November 30th, $25 per person.
After November 30th, $30 per person.

Payment is due in one-payment at registration and accepted via card or e-check.

Our camp map shows the number of platforms at each campsite!

You may register more than one patrol! To register an additional patrol, simply return to the first registration page and repeat the sign-up. If you need to add people, go to the registration page and click edit.

You can register additional patrol members on-site at check-in.

However, each patrol member is required to provide a full registration packet including health forms. Be prepared.

  1. Your patrol’s registration sheet/patrol roster
  2. For each participant, TWO copies of the health forms, front/back copy of health insurance card…
  3. Organized in the same order as the patrol roster/registration sheet! (yes, the order matters)