SWC #57: January 10-12, 2025 | Back to the Basics: The Spirit of Scouting

Once Upon a Time at SWC

The Place: SWC The Time: sometime around 2019ish Nevermind. I was sworn to secrecy. https://www.swcbsa.org/frm_file/aWQ6NTg0MHxmaWxlbmFtZTp0cmFjeS1zbm93LmpwZWd8c2l6ZTp0aHVtYm5haWw=

54th Anniversary SWC

SWC is an annual tradition and we are determined to hold the event (even during a pandemic). We were pushed last year, 2021, to hold the event, but we knew it was a decision that would resonate with the Atlanta Area Council on how to have large events including summer camp. Like most things, we […]