SWC #56: January 5-7, 2024

54th Anniversary SWC

SWC #55

54th Anniversary SWC

SWC is an annual tradition and we are determined to hold the event (even during a pandemic). We were pushed last year, 2021, to hold the event, but we knew it was a decision that would resonate with the Atlanta Area Council on how to have large events including summer camp. Like most things, we leaders were the guinea pigs to see if we could camp and stay safe from a virus that had already taken one of our staff members.

We did it! We held Scouters’ Winter Campout and no one got sick. We asked that participants let us know if they contracted COVID out as far as two weeks after the camp out and no one was sick. In fact, we heard from participants that they really needed to camp to de-stress and they were healthier for it!

As we get ready for SWC 2022, please know that we are following all health regulations and safety standards. If you are sick, please do not come to Woodruff. We will miss you and I am sure we can have some live streaming during the weekend, but taking care when you are ill is more important.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone! Old friends meet new friends and the smiles and laughter we enjoy is what SWC is all about. That and beads…and a bear claw.