SWC 2020 Theme

Through The Looking Glass Visions of Past SWCs

 Our Wise Leaders

Greg Knight/Scoutmaster,  Bill Jones/SPL,  Sherry Wright/Adviser


Opens September 20 @ 10:00 AM

Register SWC

 Registration Instructions

You will need to register as a user on Tentaroo before you can register for SWC. You’ll need a credit card or e-check and the information below to register.

  • Campsite 6A & 6H are Sliver Claws campsites.

**For any “Out of Council” attendees, please select any  AAC District and put your correct District & Council in the comments.

From 10:00 am, September 20 until midnight, November 30, it’s $25 per person.
From 12:01 am, December 1 until midnight, December 31, it’s $30 per person.

Registration is time stamped. Campsite selection is 1st come, 1st served.

You will need the following information to fill out the registration form when active:

  1. Patrol Leader’s …
    • Name
    • E-mail
    • Primary Phone (cell or home) and Secondary Phone (home, cell, or work)
  2. Primary District your unit is from.
  3. Unit Type and Unit number ex: Troop 1234, Pack 567, Crew 890, etc.
  4. Patrol Name. Please put “TBD” if not determined yet.
  5. Pick your 1st, 2nd and 3rd campsite choices at Woodruff Scout Reservation. Only the campsite number, not the number and letter. If you want a specific site letter please put it in the comments and we will try to accommodate. See Campsites Page for sites available. Visit Soon For Campsites and Map. First come first served. Disregard the “x $0.00 = $” after the campsite selections.
  6. Use the comments area to provide special information the registrar may need such as the name(s) of other patrols you would like to camp with, medical needs of your patrol members, etc. Medical needs may limit the selection of campsite locations. We will try to accommodate requests but not guaranteed.

Registration requires payment (credit or e-check) to complete the process.

A minimum of 6 participants per patrol, and a maximum of 10 per patrol. To register more than one patrol, simply return to the first registration page and repeat the sign-up. If you need to add people, go to the registration page and click edit.

If you have problems submitting, contact the SWC Registrar Colleen Pope at swcreg@gmail.com.


Closes midnight, Dec 31, 2019

Registration is possible at arrival on January 10 for additional patrol members

More updates forthcoming. Check back soon

Visit Downloads Page for SWC Participant Packet  and Map

“Registration closes ONLINE at midnight on December 31, 2019.” “You can also register and pay upon arrival at SWC.”

Winter Snow may be expected!  Get your patrols prepared for a winter wonderland of Scouting Fun!